The Israel Kendo and Budo Federation

The IKBF (Israel Kendo and Budo Federation) is the main organization which unites the Japanese sword martial arts practice in Israel.
The various martial arts which can be studied and trained on under the IKBF include both modern and traditional sectors:

KENDO: “Way of The Sword”, a modern art of sword-fighting, based on the traditional samurai swordsmanship.
Iaido: The art of sword drawing: unsheathing, striking one or several opponents and sheathing the sword.
Jodo: The art of fighting with a wooden staff against an opponent armed with a sword.
IAIDO: A variety of Japanese traditional samurai sword fighting disciplines.
JODO: A variety of traditional disciplines of fighting with a wodden stuff against an opponent armed with a sword.

IKBF schools and institutions operate various practice and training programs for a wide range of ages in the sectors of Kendo, Iaido and Jodo.

The federation offers practice institutions at a national deployment, where students can practice in different sectors of martial arts, at a range of week days and hours, in:

Tel Aviv
– Kfar Saba
– Jerusalem
– Petach Tikva
– Ashdod
– Yokneam
– Aseret

Students of the IKBF continuousely participating in various national and international competitions and championships.

The practice routine is combined with many seminars and special practice days in which the students are being trained on advanced disciplines. Special seminar events are being conducted during the year, where senior sensei (teachers) arrive from overseas for training and rank exams.

The Israel Kendo and Budo federation is a member in the EKF – the top European Kendo Federation.
The IKBF is a member in Ayelet Sport organization – the Israely organization for non-olimpic sports, and the federation’s members are taking part in the annual Ayelet Games event in the city of Eilat.

For more information, please contact us:

Yoram Weisbrod, Tel: 054-4443312, email: weyoram@gmail.com
Yosi Lurie, Tel: 052-6449222, email: lurieyosef@gmail.com
Omri Eldar, Tel: 050-6774333, email: omri.eldar@gmail.com